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A Run Report is a category of message sent by dispatch CAD software that contains extra information about an alert. By default, these Run Reports are delivered to you the same as any other alert. They are assigned a unique Active911 alert number, and response is tracked the same as any other alarm.



Note The Update option only works if your dispatch center is sending us a CAD number, and if your account setting What criteria determine what is a duplicate? is set to "CAD #". For more information, see the related article Duplicate alert options

What to do

Log into your Active911 account and click on the Agency tab. Scroll to the bottom. Simply change the option as desired. If the option is grayed out or disabled, your account does not have the Edit Agency permissions - you'll need to contact the person that created your account and get this permission added.


You can update your run report handling preferences in the agency tab of your Active911 account. However, just setting your preference to "filter" doesn't mean your reports will automatically be filtered: