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If This Then That

  1. Setup an account at


  1. After you have an account set up, select your name and choose "New Applet".

  1. To add the “webhooks” service, select the blue "+this". Select or type in "Webhook" to find it to select.

  1. THIS will use webhooks... give the event a name like “Active911" or any name you can remember and create trigger.

  1. For the THAT (trigger) select the service or the setup, choose “Create”.

  2. Click on “If This”. Find and select “Webhooks”.

  3. Select “Receive a web request”.

  4. Give the event a name that is easily recognizable (EX: “Active911”) and click “create trigger”.

  5. Click on “Then That”. Find and select the service or method you would like to be notified.

  6. Complete the steps within that method.

  7. Click “Continue” and click “Finish”.

  8. Once this is all set upsetup, you will need to find your key. To do so, go to My Applets > Services > Webhooks > Documentation.:

    1. Click on the head/profile icon in the top right

    2. Select “My Services”

    3. Go to “Webhooks”

    4. Click on the “Documentation button in the top right of the screen

Now setup the integration in our web console:

  1. Add new integration (the one called If This Then That)

  2. For the new integration use the following URL:{Event_Name}/with/key/YOUR_ID_HERE” .



A. The {Event_Name} is the name you gave to the event in step 5 above

B. The {IFTTT_Key} is the key you found above in step


  1. If you want to set it up for a specific pagegroup, you can select which ones you want the alerts forwarded from. If you want all alerts to come through, leave pagegroups blank.

9 above.

Now if you send an alert via SMTP/SNPP you should see an event in IFTTT and it should trigger whatever action you set up for that event.