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  • Default: Everyone

  • Change this to Groups if unit information is being sent with the alerts that corresponds with the Groups that have been created on the Groups tab. If no unit information is being sent or no groups are created, this will cause the alerts to be discarded and not sent through. For more information about groups, please go herePage groups.

What should we do with duplicate alerts?

  • Default: Passthru

  • If more than one copy of the alert is being sent through, with additional information or not, this setting can be changed depending on how you want to receive them. Passthru=each alert comes through as a new separate alert, Update=any new information is added to the previous alert that was sent through and will tone again, Discard=no tone or note is made to show another alert was sent through for the same alert. More info here: Duplicate alert options, more info here.

What criteria determine what is a duplicate?


  • Default: No

  • For the more reliable mapping, it is recommended to have the dispatch/CAD sent coordinates with the call in decimal degree format to be used for mapping instead of relying on Google Maps to return the correct ones. If this is being done, this setting can be changed to use them instead of the address. The address will still appear, but the system will actually be using the coords. More coordinates, more info hereDispatch-generated GPS coordinates.

Default city for mapping

  • Default: Best Guess

  • This is often used when dispatch is not sending a city/community/twp information. The default programmed into the system is often the county, which can cause issues if there are streets by the same name in cities close to each other. To ensure that alerts are mapped only within the city limits, a city name can be entered here. This can break the mapping for any alerts for areas outside the city, such as mutual aid or rural alerts outside the city entered. This is described here as well: Setting a default mapping city.

Enable news feeds and RSS?

Discard Watch Responses?


  • Default: Resp, Arriv, Cancl, Avail, Unvl

  • These are the response options that all the members will have each time an alert is sent out. These can be edited here with any 5 characters. More info , for more information click here:   Agency Response OptionsOption