Bulk Uploading Users

Sometimes, you may need to import a large number of users into the ActiveTeam system at once. This article describes several strategies for accomplishing this.


1. From the ActiveTeam Calendar page, click “+ Bulk Create Users” in the management sidebar.

2. If you currently use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel to manage your personnel, you may have user data stored in spreadsheets. To begin the process of importing users from a spreadsheet, click “Download CSV template“. This will initiate a file download.

If you do not wish to add users via file upload at this time, skip to step 5.

3. Open the downloaded file in a spreadsheet program. Note which information is required in each column. Create a spreadsheet in the same format filled with the data for the users you wish to import either by editing the downloaded template file manually or using any other spreadsheet tool at your disposal. Be sure to save the resulting file in CSV format.

4. Returning to the Active911 website, click “Import from CSV“ and select the file you saved in the previous step when prompted. The table on the website should now be populated with your information.

5. If you are already using our ActiveAlert product, you may have personnel with devices previously registered with the Active911 system. Some of these individuals may already have user accounts, but others may not. To create any missing user accounts based on existing device records, click “Import from Agency Devices“.

If you do not wish to add users via file upload at this time, skip to step 7.

6. The table should now be populated with your agency’s device data. It is likely that at this point the first name and last name fields associated with each user will be inaccurate. Review these columns and correct any incorrect data.

7. Any users you wish to create that are still not present in the table can be added manually. If you click the “Manually Add User“ button, a blank row will appear, which you can fill out with the required information.

8. Review all information for accuracy and make any changes you wish before the final upload.

9. Click “Create New Users“ to submit your list of users. If any errors are shown, make the required change and click the button again to re-submit.

10. Check that your new users are now displayed in the “Users” section of the sidebar on the Calendar page. Each person should have received an email message letting them know that an account was created and know how to log in.

🎉 Bulk user creation complete! All new users can now use ActiveTeam.