Non-Repeating Schedules

ActiveTeam’s Non-Repeating schedules are the simplest way to put a shift on the calendar. If you know what specific period of time you need to fill you can create a non-repeating shift to fill that time slot. Non-repeating schedules themselves are simply groups of non-repeating shifts which you can create in order to organize this shifts on your calendar. If you need to be able to schedule many shifts all at once, you may want to use repeating schedules instead.

Create a Non-Repeating Schedule

1. From the ActiveTeam Calendar page, click “Non-Repeating Schedule“ from the “+ Create” dropdown, or from the Schedules tab or the Management Page.

2. Enter your schedule name


3. Click “Save Schedule” in the bottom right corner.


🎉 Non-Repeating Schedule has been created! You can now add Non-Repeating Shifts to this schedule

To learn how to creation Non-Repeating Shifts: