Non-Repeating Shifts

A shift in ActiveTeam is a collection of positions which may be filled by users. Shifts can be scheduled to appear on the calendar one or more times, depending on whether the schedule the shift is part of is repeating or non-repeating. This article explains how to add a shift to a non-repeating schedule.


1. From the ActiveTeam Calendar page, click “Non-Repeating Shift“ from the “+ Create” dropdown, or from the Schedules tab or the Management Page.

2. Fill out all the fields in the displayed form. If you have not yet created any Non-Repeating Schedules, Stations, or Positions, you can do so now by selecting the “+ Create” option in the dropdown menu of each field.

3. A shift must have at least one position. Once you have added one or more positions, you will probably want to assign users to the positions right away, though you will also have the option of assigning them later once the shift is scheduled.

4. Once all information is correct, click “Save Shift”.


🎉 Your shift has now been added to the calendar!