Using availability to fill in a shift

When users have submitted availability, admins can see an indication of which users are available or unavailable when manually filling in a shift occurrence.


In order to use availability to fill in a shift, there must first be availability submissions from users.

1. Go to the shift you want to fill in

2. Click in the open position field

3. A dropdown will appear with the names of all your users.

At the top, in green, are those who have indicated they are available during that time.

In the middle, without a color, is anyone who has no indicated whether they’re available or unavailable.

At the bottom of the list, in red, are those who have indicated that they are unavailable during that time.

4. Click on the person you want to fill that shift. You can still add someone who has marked themself as unavailable.

🎉 You’ve filled a shift based on the availability of your users! The dropdown will update as users continue to make or modify submissions