Device Migration Overview

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What is the device migration?

ActiveAlert users have been logging into the app with device codes for years. We are changing the way ActiveAlert users sign into the app, which requires everyone to have a member in their agency.

Why should I migrate?

There are many benefits to migrating:

  • Improved security

    • Members will have control over the credentials they use to access Active911, and can change it at anytime, instead of depending on a device code.

  • Ease of Use

    • After you have completed the migration you will be able to access all Active911 systems (ActiveAlert, ActiveTeams, ActiveComms, and with the same login credentials!

  • Access to ActiveComms and other new products

    • ActiveComms is a new product that is only accessible to members who have migrated. Learn more about ActiveComms here.

How do I migrate?

Migration is a two step process:

  1. The agency admin uses their access at to migrate devices to members:


  2. The individual members use their new member credentials to log into the ActiveAlert app:




  • Migrating devices to members will improve the security of our system and protect your information.

  • It is also required to integrate with ActiveComms, and in the future, ActiveTeam.

  • ActiveAlert service will continue, however unassigned devices will not be able to use ActiveComms.

  • You can start this process now or later or do it piece by piece.

  • Devices that are not migrated will still be accessible with a Device Code.

  • DO migrate a member’s primary device.

  • You can only assign one device to a member. If they have other devices, DO NOT migrate those devices. In the coming months, you will be able to do this.

  • Devices that are not migrated can still be logged in with a device code and operate normally.

  • Lastly, DO NOT migrate devices that are used in vehicles or at stations.

  • Administrators with full permissions can migrate devices.

  • When you migrate devices, the Device Name will become the Display Name. Member devices will appear with their Device Display Name on the map.

  • You can change the display name at any time from the Edit Member modal.