Unassigning a Device from a Member

If you make a mistake while migrating devices, you can reverse this action by unassigning a device from a member:

  1. From the left hand menu on the Active911 console, select the members tab.

  1. Find the member you wish to remove a device from.

  2. Click the overflow button on the right side:


  1. From the dropdown menu, click “Remove Device”


  1. A new window will pop up asking you to confirm that you are removing the device from the member.

If they have already confirmed their email and password in-app, you will receive an additional warning. We recommend they log out of their device and login back in with device code to ensure alerts continue to work properly.

a. By removing a device from a member, the device will still receive alerts but will no longer be able to access ActiveComms, and they will have to use the device code to log in. The device will still be in your agency. If you do not want that device to receive alerts, delete the device from the Devices page.

b. The member will immediately be available to assign a new device, or assign that device to a different member.