Understanding Permissions


Permissions are used to control who has access to which agency, and what they are allowed to do when logged in. For example, a user "bob" with "View Alerts" permissions on the agency "Smith City Police Department" will be able to view all current and past alerts for Smith City Police Department.

Permissions are found under the Users tab in your Active911 account. Click on a user to edit their permissions.

In detail

The following list defines the various permissions available under your account.

  • Login

    • Allow user to log into this agency

  • Alert

    • Allow user to create alarms and send them out to all members

  • View Alerts

    • Allow user to view past and current alerts/alarms. This includes response details and personnel.

  • View Devices

    • Allow user to view devices in the Devices tab, including phone number and device ID.

Warning: Access to device IDs will allow user to connect cell phones to incoming alarms!
  • Edit Devices

    • Allow user to add, edit, and delete devices from the Devices tab

  • Edit Locations

    • Allow user to add, edit, and delete location items from the Locations tab. This includes hydrants, staging areas, stations, etc.

  • Agency

    • Allow user to view agency statistics and alert email address

  • Permissions

    • Allow user to add and delete other users and edit their permissions.

Warning: This permission allows a user to grant themselves complete control, and also to pass that control to whomever they choose!
  • Pagegroups

    • Allow user to manage pagegroups.

Warning: This permission allows the user to control who gets what pages, or to kill paging for entire groups!


  • Administrative staff should have all permissions EXCEPT Permissions permission. This will allow them to make changes to the account and access personnel schedules and devices.

  • Line personnel only need Login and View Alert permissions. This allows them to write reports but not change other settings.

  • Anyone with Pagegroups permissions will be able to receive all messages, no matter to whom they are dispatched.