Users Tab

Note: In order to see and edit this tab, one must be logged in with the following User Permissions: Permissions.

This tab is used to regulate who has access to view and edit the other tabs within the online account. The person who originally set up the account is automatically the administrator of the account. Another admin can be added by selecting the "+Add User" button. After selecting the "+Add User" button, the user will be prompted to provide the new members first and last name, their email, and the permissions they should have. Here are what the permissions do:

Permisions Allowed:

  • Alert

    • View and use the Send Alert button on the website.

  • Edit Devices

    • Add, Edit and Remove Devices on the Devices tab

  • Also requires the View Devices Permission

Edit Locations- Add, Edit, Share and Remove Map Data points from the Map Data tab
Login- Only able to view the tab with their name on it. This wil give them the ability to view their device information only.
View Agency- View the agency settings and info on the Agency tab
View Alerts- View and Select alerts on the Alarms tab to view only. Cannot edit or export them.
View Devices- View and Select Devices on the Devices tab to view only. Cannot edit or delete them.
Permissions- Add, Edit and Remove Users on the Users tab
Edit Agency- View and Edit the agency settings and info on the Agency tab

  • Also requires the View Agency Permission

Pagegroups- Add, Edit and Remove Groups on the Groups tab
View Assignments- View Assignments on the Assignments tab
Edit Assignments- Add, Edit and Archive Assignment types on the Assignments tab

  • Also requires the View Assignments Permission

View Schedule- View Events on the Scheduling tab
Edit Schedule- Add, Edit and Remove Events on the Scheduling tab

  • Also requires the View Schedule Permission

Override Assignments- NOT CURRENTLY FUNCTIONAL- will enable the User to add members to an assignment without needing to schedule an event on the Scheduling tab.

Full Admin: In order to make someone a full admin, select all the permission boxes.

User Profile Icons and Functions

User Profile Symbols

Once a member has been added as a User, two icons will appear next to their name, a gear and an envelope. Selecting the gear will bring up the Edit User box to allow changing the user permissions or name. Selecting the envelope will send the new user a welcome email with their login information.

Primary Account Contact

Primary Account Contact Requested



Confirmed Primary Account Contact

If a user has been given full admin rights, a gray star will appear next to the user's name, in addition to the envelope and gear icons. Click on the gray star to begin the process of making that user the Primary Account Contact. A dialog box will appear, asking to confirm the change that is being made. After confirming, an email will be sent to the user's email account to have them confirm this responsibility. At this point, the gray star becomes a blue star. In the email that is sent is a link that has to be opened to complete the process. Once the link has been opened, the process is complete, and the blue star icon becomes a blue check mark icon.

  • *When converting to a paid account and sending a check as payment, having a Primary Account Contact listed on the account is required in order to process the check.**