Devices Tab

This tab serves as a roster of all devices on the account. A user with permission to view this tab sees all devices on the account, as well as those devices' attributes, such as email, phone number, current duty status, device code, etc.

Note: In order to see this tab, one must be logged in with the following User Permissions: View Devices.

Adding devices

Note: In order to see this button, one must be logged in with the following User Permissions: Edit Devices.

To add devices, simply click on the '+ Add device' button in the upper left hand corner of the tab. This opens the tool to add devices. Instructions for adding new devices or multiple use devices (devices on more than one account) can be found here.

Filter field

Use this field to filter the devices on the roster. Filter by device attributes like name, email, phone number, device type, device code, and page method. For example, type in 'smartphone' to display only the smartphones on your account. In addition, type '.gov' to find any devices with an email address that includes a government email address.

Device roster

The actual device roster is comprised of a couple parts. The first part is the name of the device and all information to the right of the name. This is a brief overview of the devices' attributes. The second part is the three-icon cluster to the left of the name. From left to right, these icons are 'Edit', 'Send a test message', or 'Additional actions requires'/'On/Off duty'.

  • Edit

    • Clicking on 'Edit' or anywhere else on the device's row will open up the 'Edit device' tool. In order to access this tool, a user must have the User Permissions: Edit Devices. This window is basically the same as the 'Add device' tool, except that there is an un-editable device code listed under the Device Icon options. When editing a device's attributes, it is possible to change any of the attributes except the device code. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the window to save the changes, or hit escape to back out of the window without saving.

  • Send a test message

    • To send a test message to a device, click the middle icon. This sends a test notification to the device. This is a notification only and will not appear on the Alarms list on the device.

  • Additional actions required/ On/Off duty status

    • The final icon can take 3 forms. The first is the red triangle with an exclamation point in it. This indicates that the device is not currently in a paging state due to an unregistered device, or the device doesn't have a current subscription. Click on the icon to learn more about fixing the state of the device.

    • The other two forms are silhouettes, one black, and one blue. A blue silhouette means the device is currently 'On duty' and receiving alarms. The black silhouette indicates the device is 'Off duty' and only receiving pages if the alarms pass the device's 'off-duty' filters.