Purchasing an individual subscription

This documentation outlines payment workflows for members with an existing device within an Active911 agency.

  • Website Subscription Purchase Workflow Without Logging In (All Device Types)

    • Go to interface.active911.com

    • Select the “PAY INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTION” button near the bottom of the page

    • Enter the Device Code for the device you want to pay for

    • Follow the prompts to complete payment:

      • You will be asked to confirm your email, billing address, and payment information

  • Website Subscription Purchase Workflow While Logged In (All Device Types)

    • The instructions below are intended for users accessing active911.com from a PC. The workflow for using a smartphone or tablet to purchase a subscription via the website is slightly different

      1. Open an internet browser, and go to active911.com

      2. Click the "Login" link at the top of the screen (mobile/tablet users will need to select the menu icon, and then select the "Login" option)

      3. Enter your credentials and login. If you need help logging in, click here for help

      4. Click on the tab labeled with your name (mobile/tablet users will need to select the menu icon, and then select the option labeled with their name)

      5. Select the "Fix now for $15.75 each" button, and process the payment

If you're having problems with either process, please contact our support team directly. Click here for our contact information.