Creating and Managing Schedules

Schedules are the backbone of Staffing. They are built on a series of repeating shifts that ensure full coverage for your department. To create a schedule, you must be the admin or be given ‘edit_staffing’ permissions by your admin.

To create a new schedule for the agency there are two options; select the create button and select the schedule option from the list that pop up. Second, under the schedule tab, select the “+ create schedule”. Both options produce a blank “create new schedule” modal.


The first thing you will be asked to do is name the shift, the stations involved, and whether it is on call or on site.

Next, chose any start date for the set of repeating shifts and the start time.

We have provided some common templates to make it easy.

  1. ABC Shift

  2. AABBCC Shift


  3. California Shift


If your department doesn’t use any of those templates, there is a flexible custom option. You can select the number of squads you want on the shift, how long the shifts are, and how many days it takes for the pattern to repeat and build your own. Some custom schedules we have heard from early interviews are below:

  1. Paid Duty officer during the day with an On call rotation at night.



  2. Safer Rotation


  3. One Shift a Week


Once you have set up the timing of your schedule, you will be able to define the positions you need filled. Common examples are Drivers, Duty Officers, FF1s, FF2s, EMTs, Paramedics, and Lieutenants. You will be able to use the terminology that makes sense to you and your department.

After you have defined all the positions you will need for the shifts, you will be able to assign specific users to each position on each shift. If the shift is filled with floaters, you can also leave the shift unfilled and add users later.

Schedules include the following:

  • Schedule Name (e.g Weekday schedule)

  • Reporting Station

  • Reporting status (on call/onsite)

  • Schedule start date.

  • Scheduled start time.

  • Schedule template (ABC= on, off, off)

  • Number of shifts (Max 7)

  • Shift length: Hours (2-24): Minutes (00, 15, 30, 45).

  • Days in rotation (How long until the schedule repeats. 28 max.)

  • Positions (e.g. Duty Office, Driver)

  • Users (Agency employees)