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  • Improved security

    • Members will have control over the credentials they use to access Active911, and can change it at anytime, instead of depending on a device code.

  • Ease of Use

    • After you have completed the migration you will be able to access all Active911 systems (ActiveAlert, ActiveTeams, ActiveComms, and with the same login credentials!

  • Access to ActiveComms and other new products

    • ActiveComms is a new product that is only accessible to members who have migrated. Learn more about ActiveComms here.


How do I migrate?

Migration is a two step process:

  1. The agency admin uses their access at to migrate devices to members:

    1. Migration Step-by-Step Instructions

  2. The individual members use their new member credentials to log into the ActiveAlert app:

    1. Logging Into The ActiveAlert App with Email/Password