Logging Into The ActiveAlert App with Email/Password

This page will help users log into their devices after they have been migrated.

Note: ActiveAlert service will continue, regardless of how they are logged in.


Before You Are Migrated

In order to be migrated, the admin of your agency needs to must have a user account in the agency.

If you are not already a member in the agency, your administrator will send you an invitation.

Accepting the Invitation

You will receive an email from Active911:

“This in an Active911 invitation from (Your Agency Name)”. You will need to select one of two buttons to accept the invitation:

LOG INTO EXISTING ACCOUNT: This will open a new tab with the Active911 sign in page. After signing in you will be taken to their account dashboard.

CREATE NEW USER ACCOUNT: This will open a new window, and prompt you to input your name, email, phone number and a password and confirm the password.

If you create a new account and login but don’t see your agency, go back to your email invitation and click the invitation link in the email again.

Note: Entering your device email and clicking “Forgot Password” will no longer create a user account for you. You need to use the “Create User Account” link to create an account.


If You Are Already Logged into Your Device

  1. After your device is migrated to your user account, a red banner will appear at the top of your screen:

  2. Tap the banner to verify your email and password. If you don’t know your password, you can reset it from the Active911 website: https://interface.active911.com/interface/# and clicking “Forgot password”.

  3. If the email is incorrect, contact support to get your email updated.

Future Logins

  1. The next time you log into your device, select the yellow “User Login” banner.



  1. Enter your email and password. You can use the “Forgot Password” link again here if you need to.

You are now securely logged into your device!