How to turn on/off Channel Activity Push Notifications


When you’re out in the field, you might need to switch between applications, but you still need to know what’s happening with ActiveComms in the background. With Channel Activity notifications, you will receive an alert when someone begins speaking in one of the two channels you have selected in the slots.

How push notifications work

In selected channels, you will receive a notification each time a user begins communicating. To prevent you from being overloaded with notifications, there will be a delay between notifications depending on who is talking. If one user is talking but is the only one communicating on the channel, you will receive the notification for the initial activity but will not receive another notification from that user unless they stop speaking for 60 seconds. If two users are conversing over ActiveComms, you will receive a notification after two seconds of silence between the two users.


Notifications from someone talking from the Radio System will be delivered as “Someone is talking in [Channel Name].”

Notifications that come in from someone talking from the ActiveComms overlay within the ActiveAlert app will be delivered as “[Member Name] is talking in [Channel Name].”

How to turn notifications off:

Channel Activity for all channels is toggled on by default and, for now, is only a global setting.

  1. Open the ActiveAlert app.

  2. Turn on ActiveComms

  3. Tap the Cogwheel to enter the ActiveComms settings

  4. Tap Notification Settings

  5. Toggle Channel Activity to off