Purchasing an individual subscription - ActiveComms

Individual subscriptions allow you to hook into your agency’s ActiveComms channels so you can listen and respond from within the ActiveAlert app. You can only purchase an ActiveComms license for agencies you are a member of and have ActiveComms.

Note: Purchasing an individual license will cancel and replace your trial or agency-paid license. Your service will not be interrupted.

  1. Login to interface.active911.com

  2. From the dashboard, scroll down to “My ActiveComms Licenses”

  3. Click “Add New”

  4. A new window will pop up titled “Add ActiveComms License”

    1. Select the Agency that you are a member of from the dropdown. If you are only part of one agency, it will auto-populate.

    2. Enter your personal billing information.

    3. As stated on the pop-up, once you press confirm, your card will be immediately charged for the amount shown

    4. Click Confirm

  5. After your payment is accepted:

    1. You will receive a receipt to the email listed above

    2. You will now have a 1-year subscription to ActiveComms

    3. Your new expiration date will be displayed.