Changing Your Email and Password

Administrators cannot make changes to others' email addresses.

A user can change their email by following these steps from their own personal dashboard to change their email, password, or phone number.

How to change a member’s email

  1. Sign into the Active911 console.

  2. Select Dashboard

  1. Click the button labeled “User Account Settings”

  1. A new window will pop up labeled “User Account Information” which will show the following:

    1. Member’s Name

    2. Member’s Email

    3. Member’s Phone Number

  1. Click the pencil Icon next to “User Account Information”

  2. A new window will pop up asking for the member’s Password, then click continue

  1. You can now edit your email, name or phone number

  1. Once finished editing, click save details

How to change a member’s password

  1. Follow Steps 1-6

  2. Click Change Password


  1. Enter new Password and confirm password

  2. click Save Details