ActiveTeam Licenses Overview

A license is required for everyone in order to access and interact with ActiveTeam, both on the website and on the mobile apps.

You can purchase ActiveTeam licenses by talking with an Active911 sales team member by phone or by emailing You can also inquire on our website, and if you are experiencing problems, you can also contact our Support Team.

You can start with a free trial, which will give you a set number of licenses that you can then distribute.

Once you have licenses for ActiveTeam, either paid or in the free trial, you must first distribute them to the personnel who you want to have access to the product.

Learn how to distribute licenses here :

Any user in your agency who has a license will be able to access and interact with ActiveTeam. You can purchase more licenses at any time, you can also redistribute licenses at any time.

If someone had a license then their license gets revoked, they will no longer have access to any ActiveTeam pages.