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Availability Overview

The Availability feature allows users to submit timeframes that they are available or unavailable to work.

Users can submit, edit, or delete their submissions either on the Active911 web console or from the ActiveTeam apps.

Admins can also see who is available or unavailable for a specific shift when they go to the dropdown for a position on that shift. If a user has submitted availability for any time that overlaps with that shift, it will show up on the the dropdown.


Submitting Availability

How do users let the administration know when they can and cannot be scheduled for work? Using the Availability Page, found in both the web portal and mobile apps.

Only users with licenses can submit availability.

Once you’re logged into http://console.active911.com , or in the mobile app

  1. Navigate to the Availability tab on the sidebar. It’s located as a sub-page of ActiveTeam.

  2. Click on the gold Submit Availability button.

  3. Select an availability status

  4. Select a start date. If you don’t select a time, it will start at midnight on that day. Example: if you choose September 21, 2021 and don’t choose a time, you are available starting September 21, 2021 at 00:00.

  5. Select an end date. If you don’t select a time, it will end at midnight the following day. Example: if you choose September 21, 2021 and don’t choose a time, you are available until September 22, 2021 at 00:00.

  6. Click Save. The modal will close and you should see your submission in the spreadsheet.

Availability periods cannot overlap. Select non-overlapping dates and times.

🎉 Availability submission complete!


Using Availability to Fill a Shift

When users have submitted availability, admins can see an indication of which users are available or unavailable when manually filling in a shift occurrence.


  1. Go to an occurrence you want to fill.

  2. Click in the open position field.

  3. A dropdown will appear with the names of all your users.

    1. At the top, in green, are those who have indicated they are available during that time.

    2. In the middle, without a color, is anyone who has no indicated whether they’re available or unavailable.

    3. At the bottom of the list, in red, are those who have indicated that they are unavailable during that time.

  4. Click on the person you want to fill that shift. You can still add someone who has marked themself as unavailable.

🎉 You’ve filled a shift based on the availability of your users! The dropdown will update as users continue to make or modify submissions


Create Shift from Availability

You can quickly create a shift based on someone’s availability. When someone has submitted availability, with one click, you can create a non-repeating shift for that timeframe.

  1. Go to the Availability tab

  2. Click the overflow button of a user’s submission

  3. Select “Create shift for this timeframe”

  4. Make adjustments to the name, times, etc, if you wish. Add associated positions and assign users if desired.

  5. Save shift.

  6. If you want to send out a coverage request to your personnel, click “Request Coverage”.

Note: Shift created from an “unavailable” submission will be named “Coverage for [Name]”. Shifts created from an “available” submission will be named “Shift for [Name]”

🎉 You have now created a non-repeating shift from availability!