Editing Member Details

Each department has different requirements for each member that may need to be changed from time to time. From the Member Modal, you can update the member’s name, CID, permissions, and product-specific settings.

  1. From the side navigation bar, select the Members tab

  1. Select the member you want to make changes to

  2. A new window will pop up with four options on the left hand side

Member Details:

This includes the member’s name, email, phone number and custom identifier

  1. Note: While the invitation is pending, you can change the invitation email and resend the invite. After the invitation is accepted, the email cannot be changed from this modal, and can only be changed by that member from their Dashboard. Instructions to do so can be found here: https://active911.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AED/pages/edit-v2/1973551175?draftShareId=96bbe36d-3da8-4032-8c27-551ee75cdf45&inEditorTemplatesPanel=auto_closed


Licenses & Permissions

This is where you can assign licenses for each product and manage what the member is allowed to do. Note these these will apply to both the web and the app. https://active911.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AED/pages/edit-v2/1973616740?draftShareId=5c290971-798e-4eab-bc65-db8baf0f9f47&inEditorTemplatesPanel=auto_closed

ActiveAlert Settings

Primary Device:

  1. If the member does not have a device assigned to them, a button labeled “Assign Existing Device” will be in the middle of the window.

    1. Click Assign Existing Device

    2. Select the member you are assigning a device to

    3. From the list, search for a specific device or select a device

    4. On the next page, confirm that you are assigning a device to the specified member.

5.The device is now assigned to the member.


  1. The options shown below are ways to identify the member’s device.

    1. Device name

    2. Icon

    3. Color

    4. Groups

    5. Work Shift

    6. Do Not Re-page updates

    7. Alert Filtering Enabled


  1. Secondary Device -Currently Unavailable. We currently only support one device per member, however this will be available in the future.

  2. Backup Device - Currently Unavailable. We currently only support one device per member, however this will be available in the future.


ActiveTeam Settings

Approved Permissions: If you have an ActiveTeam subscription, add approved positions the member is qualified to fill.


Once you have finished making your changes, click Save Details