Adding a new channel

  1. From the Active911 console, select the ActiveComms dropdown menu

  2. Click Channel Management

  1. Click “New Channel”, which will open a new window shown below


  1. Enter the name of your new channel in the “Channel Name” text box

  2. Select which members have access to this new channel by clicking the box next to the user’s name

    1. You can select all members by clicking the box next to “Member name” at the top of the Member section

  3. Select the role of each member. Roles include “Listen & Speak” or “Listen Only.”

    1. “Listen & Speak” allows members with this role to hear and respond to radio communications on this channel

    2. “Listen Only” allow members to hear radio communications but not respond from their device

  4. Once you have finished updating member access and roles, click “Create Channel.”