Active911 Member Permissions

This list is a breakdown of all permissions that can be found when editing members.


  1. Login

    1. This will allow the member to login to their Active911 account

  2. View Agency

    1. The member will be able to view the agency’s information

  3. Edit Billing

    1. Make changes to the agency’s billing information

  4. Edit Permissions

    1. The member can make changes to other member’s permissions

  5. Edit Agency

    1. This will allow the member to edit the details of the agency


  1. View Alert History

    1. Allows the member to see the history of an alert

  2. Receive Alerts

    1. Allows the member to receive alert’s to their device

  3. Edit Map Markers in App

    1. Allows the member to make changes to markers on the ActiveAlert map

  4. View Assignments

    1. Allows the member to see what assignments they and other members have

  5. View Devices

    1. Allows the member to see all devices assigned to the agency

  6. View Family SMS

    1. Can see other member’s Family SMS setup

  7. View Analytics

    1. The member can view the agency’s analytics

  8. Override Assignments

    1. Can change member’s assignments

  9. Create Alerts

    1. Can send out alerts to other members

  10. Edit Chat

    1. Can make changes to ActiveAlert’s chat function

  11. Manage All Map Data

    1. Can export, edit and delete map data

  12. Edit Assignments

    1. Can edit the agency’s assignments

  13. Edit Devices

    1. Can add or delete devices

  14. Edit Family SMS

    1. Can add and remove Family SMS for other members

  15. Edit Pagegroups

    1. Can Add, edit or delete Page groups


  1. Edit ActiveTeam

    1. Can make changes to schedules, position permissions, view availability, and view time tracking.