Migration Step-by-Step Instructions

To improve security for our customers, we are changing the way ActiveAlert users sign into their accounts. After completing the following process, members will log into one of their devices with an email and password instead of their device code.


While logged in at interface.active911.com, agency administrators will see a banner on the Devices, Members, and Billing pages that will take them to the Migration process.

To start the migration…

Step 1: Select or Invite Member

If the person who owns the device is already a member, you can select them from the list provided.

If the person who owns the device is not yet a member your agency, you will have to invite them as a member to your agency.

Step 2: Select the Member’s Primary Device

We know that some people may have multiple devices. Since only one device can be attached to a member, you should select the primary devices that your members use.

If you have an ActiveComms trial, select the device you want to enable ActiveComms for.

Do not migrate secondary devices, tablets, or devices that belong in stations or vehicles. To organize the list of devices, If you see any of these types of devices in the device list, you can mark them as non-primary devices by clicking the check box on their row.

Suggested Devices with the same name or email will be listed at the top.

Devices that have already been migrated will appear in gray and cannot be selected.


Step 3: Confirmation

Either option will lead you to a confirmation page for you to double check the information.

Click Confirm to complete the migration for that member.

You can then go back to the beginning to repeat the process for other members.