How To Invite Members to Your Agency

Sending an invite

We are changing the process for adding new Members (previously called Users) to your agency. Outlined below are the steps to follow to invite new members.

  1. Upon arriving at the Active911 Console, select the Members tab from the menu on the left

  2. In the top left of the members tab next to the Members title, click “+ Invite Member”


  1. Enter the Member’s name and Invitation email into the boxes provided.

    1. See below for bulk invitation instructions


  1. To invite multiple members at once, click the gold plus sign to add more members

  1. Once finished, click the “Send Invite” button.

Bulk Inviting Members

  1. To invite a large number of members at once, you can use the “Bulk Upload” option. Upload a .csv file with a list if the new members and their email addresses. (You can add up to 500 members at one time). Click “Bulk Upload”

  1. Click Download CSV Template, also linked here:


  1. After ensuring your document matches the template, click upload CSV File

  1. Select your file and click Open

    1. This will fill in the Member Name and Invitation Email on the page with the Members from the CSV.

  2. You can review the

  3. Click “Send Invite”

Accepting the Invitation

Each member will receive an email from Active911 with the subject line “This in an Active911 invitation from (Your Agency Name)”

In the email, they will need to select one of two buttons to accept the invitation:

LOG INTO EXISTING ACCOUNT: This will open a new tab with the Active911 sign in page. After signing in they will be taken to their account dashboard.

CREATE NEW USER ACCOUNT: This will open a new window, and prompt them to input their name, email, phone number and a password and confirm the password.

If they create a new account and login but don’t see your agency, they may need to click the invitation link in the email again.