Setting the primary account contact


Sometimes we need to contact someone regarding your account. If you have multiple users, we don't know who to contact. You might think that we would contact the person who started the account, but this is not necessarily true. Since Active911 is used by public service agencies, it is often the case that the person who creates an account is not the one who ultimately ends up administering it.

Additionally, if someone wants to start using Active911 within your agency, we want to direct them to the right person. Setting the primary contact controls whose name is listed for these requests (we don't publicly show your email address or phone number, just your name and the phone number for the agency).

Setting a Primary Account Contact

A primary account contact is set from the Users tab of your Active911 account. Anyone may become the primary account contact as long as they have Full permissions.

  • Find the person who should be the primary contact for the account

  • Click on the star icon (★) to the left of their name

  • Click Confirm

A confirmation email will be sent to this person, informing them that you would like them to become the primary account contact for the account. The email contains a special link. If they accept the request and click on the link, they will become the new account contact and the star will turn into a checkmark (✔)

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