I have a trial account. What does that mean?

If you see a message like this at the top of your screen:

You have a trial account. Trial accounts are full featured, unlimited accounts. Each trial account will either become a free account or a paid account, depending on what you want to do.

Note: The following instructions assume that you are the primary account contact or that you have administrator privileges.

  • To convert to a free or paid account, click the Fix this now button. If you do not see the Fix this now button, you are not an administrator on the account.

  • If you do nothing, the account will convert to a free account at the end of the trial period. All SMS devices and all but 5 push devices will stop paging at that time.

If you convert to a paid account, you will need to purchase a subscription (or have your users purchase subscriptions) or else paging will stop. To learn more about the various account levels, please see Account levels and Pricing.