ActiveAlert (formerly Active911 Paging)

Agency Account Setup

This section is intended to help with the initial creation and setup of an agency's account. The information within the Basic Agency Setup and CAD Systems and Paging Interfaces doesn't apply to most individual Active911 users, but it is very important for admin users.

Individual Setup

This section is intended to help non-admin users, with devices already added to an agency's account, setup their devices to receive alerts.

Features & Capabilities

FAQs and Troubleshooting


  • How Secure is Active911?

  • What is my device code? / How do I activate my Device?

  •  I have missed alerts or my agency is not getting alerts. 

  •  Is Active911 having an outage? 

  • How do I change my device phone number or email? 

  • I bought a new phone. How do I update my device type? 

  •  We are getting duplicate alerts. How do we make it stop?