Editing a Repeating Schedule

This article explains how to make changes to a repeating schedule after it has been created.


1. Begin by clicking the schedule you want to modify in the Manage sidebar.

2. The interface you see will be very similar to the one used for creating the schedule initially. More information about filling out this form can be found in the Repeating Schedule Creation article. There are two important differences between the create and edit interfaces, however. First is that in the top right corner there is a link to delete the schedule. Deleting a schedule this way will remove the schedule from ActiveTeam, and it will no longer show up on the calendar in any capacity. The other difference is that the schedule Start Date and Time selectors are now disabled. Once a schedule has started, its start time is fixed and cannot be changed. Other than that, all fields on a schedule can be edited.

3. Once the desired edits have been made, click “Save Schedule” at the top of your screen and the schedule will be saved. When a repeating schedule is edited, the updated version will not take effect until the calendar day after the one in which the edit was made. This is done in order to ensure that information on past shifts remains intact and will not change based on an edit.

Note that if there were any requests made or notes created for a future occurrence of a shift that is lost due to an edit, those requests and notes will also cease to exist. For instance, if a request was made to fill a position on Shift C on a Sunday, but after the edit, Shift C is now on Wednesday instead and a different shift is on Sunday, the request will be removed from the system as there is no shift to apply it to.


🎉 You have successfully edited a repeating schedule!