Editing Shift Occurrences

When using repeating schedules, you may want to make a change to a shift that applies not to every repetition of that shift, but just a single specific occurrence of that shift. Most notably, this will including assigning personnel to positions that were left unfilled in the original rotation. This article explains how an ActiveTeam admin can accomplish this.


1. From the ActiveTeam Calendar page, click a shift on the calendar to open the editing interface.

2. From this interface, you can make changes to the shift which will apply only for this occurrence of the shift—the one during the time period displayed on the upper left. Station, Reporting Status, the set of positions required, and the users filling those positions can all be changed.

4. If you need to add some additional detail that is relevant to this shift occurrence, you can add notes through the field in the lower left.

5. When all desired edits are entered, click “Save shift” at the bottom of the form.

🎉 Edit complete! Your changes should be reflected in the calendar.