Repeating Schedules

Repeating shifts are for agencies with a regular rotation. The following article describes how to create a repeating schedule as an admin.

There are a lot of steps, but we’ll take you through them one by one to make sure your ActiveTeam schedule reflects your day to day.

Create a Repeating Schedule

 1. From the ActiveTeam Calendar page, click “Repeating Schedule“ from the “+ Create” dropdown, or from the Schedules tab of the Management Page.

From the calendar page



From the management page


2. Fill in the form with a Name, Station, and Reporting Status. This information will help you keep track of what this schedule is and who will be using it.

3. Choose a schedule Start Date and Start Time. Taken together, the date and time of day represent the point in time when the rotation that you will be creating begins. You can think of it is the time when the first shift of the rotation will commence for the first time. Note: You cannot change these later.

4. Choose a template. Templates allow you to quickly load in a common rotation pattern such as ABC shifts. You can edit the rotation once after choosing a template if it does not match your needs exactly, or you can choose to create a custom rotation from scratch.

Example of an ABC rotation:

5. The fields below the template selection, “Number of Shifts, Shift Length, and Number of Days” can all be customized. The Schedule Preview Section will update throughout this process to see what your schedule will look like on the calendar once it’s been saved. For a more explanation and examples of these settings, see .

6. Once a rotation has been created, the shifts themselves can be filled out. Primarily, you will need to add one or more positions to the shifts of this schedule. The positions added to a repeating schedule will apply to every shift but each one can be assigned different users. Remember also that the user assignments made here are only the default assignments. Each individual occurrence of a shift can have other users added in their place as needed.

At this stage, you can also customize the colors and names of each shift.

7. Once all information in the schedule creation form is satisfactory, click “Save Schedule” at the top of your screen.


🎉 Schedule created! You should now see your calendar filled out with this new schedule.