Setup the link between Active911 and your dispatch

This page is intended to help the admin of a newly created agency account get their account setup to receive call information from dispatch. Only the admin of an agency account will be able to complete the directions below. If you need help with anything on this page, please contact us.

How does Active911 get call information?

  • Almost all Active911 accounts are setup to receive call information from a dispatch center. Most modern dispatch centers use a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. The majority of CAD systems are able to deliver call information to external parties via one of two methods:

  1. Email (SMTP)

  2. SNPP (more information about SNPP)

Active911 is able to receive information from your dispatch via either method. The most common method is email (SMTP)

What is an alert email address?

  • As mentioned above, the most common way for dispatch centers to deliver call data to Active911 is via email. Each agency account within Active911 is assigned a unique alert email address. Alert email address are formatted like the example shown below: (this is only an example of an alert email, it isn't functional).

How to get your department's alert email

  • The admin of the agency needs to provide their agency's alert email address to their dispatch center to start sending data to Active911. Follow the steps below to retrieve your department's alert email:

  1. Login at

  2. Go to the "Agency" tab

  3. Scroll down the page until you find the the "Alert email" section. It should contain something like (only an example)

  4. Copy the alert email address on the screen, and send it to the person in charge of your dispatch's CAD system.

Note: this assumes that you have created an Active911 account for your agency and that you have full permissions on your new account..