Windows Phones

The Windows Phone 8.1 app is available for free in the Windows Store. The first time you open the app, you will need to enter the settings and add your device code in order to start receiving notifications from Active911. Windows devices use the Windows Push Notification (WNS) service to send notifications. WNS does not use SMS.

Basic Setup

Make sure you have downloaded the Active911 app from the Windows Store and installed it on your device. You should have also registered your phone with Active911 by tapping “Settings” in the App and entering the Device Code you got from your Active911 account off the Devices tab or the Tab with your user name on it.

  1. In order to setup your phone to receive notifications, you will need a device code specific assigned to your phone. You can get this by logging into your Active911 account using an internet browser and clicking on the Devices tab (Admins only). If you are not an administrator of the account, you should be able to find your device code by looking in the tab with your name on it where it will be listed under “My Devices.”

  2. Open the Active911 app on your phone and click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will expand a list of options which includes Settings. Select the Settings option and you will be presented with all of the settings for this device.

  3. In the Settings screen, the first option will be DeviceCode. Tap on Device Code and you will be directed to a new screen where you can enter the device code that you acquired in step 1.

  4. Upon entering your device code and tapping on Continue, you should be brought back to the Settings screen where you should be able to watch as your Connection to Active911 changes from Connecting to Connected.

  5. Now that the device code has been entered on your device, go back to your account at Open the Devices tab and find your device. Click on the speech icon on the same row as your device to send a test message.

Note: Only account admins or other users with view/edit permission on the Devices tab have access to this. If your device has already been added to a department account, you can find your code under the tab with your name on it and under the My Devices heading.

General Settings

The settings option is located as an option on your command bar menu while running the app. Just click the three dots at the bottom right of the screen to expand all of the options.
  • Device Code-This is where you enter your device code

  • Connection to Active911

    • Connected – When your device says its connected, it means that your phone is connected to the internet (either by cellular data or wifi) and is ready to receive alerts

    • Connecting – When your device is attempting to establish a connection to Active911's servers

    • Disconnected – When your device says Disconnected, it means that your phone is not connected to the internet (either by cellular data or wifi) and will not receive alerts. You will also get this when you haven't entered your device code correctly.

  • Ringtones-This is a shortcut to Windows Phone 8.1's built in ringtone settings. Using this, you will be able to set a ringtone for alert notifications.

  • Show Alerts For-This option allows you to set how long alerts will remain visible after they come in. Options include 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month.

  • Measurement System-This option allows you to change the measurement system that is used to display distances. Options are English units (miles) and Metric units (kilometres).

Map Settings

  • Map Marker Density-This option allows you to set the density of the map markers, so you can see more or less of map data points at a time. “None” makes all markers disappear. If you are in a rural area, set “Rural”. If you are in a city or have many markers, use “Urban”. The options are:

    • Dense Urban

    • Urban

    • Suburban

    • Rural

    • None

  • Map Marker Size-This slider allows you to set your desired size for map markers when viewing the map.

  • Prevent Phone Locking-This option allows you to override automatic screen locking while you are viewing the map in app.

  • Automatically adjust screen brightness for night conditions when viewing map.

Agency Specific Settings

  • Duty Status-This option allows you to set your duty status for a specific agency.

    • On Duty – This is the default option. When you have on duty selected, you will receive alerts.

    • Off Duty – When you are off duty, you won't receive any alerts unless a group is set to override shifts and filters or if you have filters set for certain calls to come through.

    • Auto – When your device has a shift set on our website, you can set your device to auto to follow the shift schedule.

  • Your Assignment-This option allows you to add yourself to any unlocked assignments. The default is Automatic.

  • Other Devices-This option will show if you have been given the Override Assignment capability on your device profile. From here, you can select any device on the account and place them on a assignment.

  • Pagegroups-If your agency has pagegroups set up, you can add or remove yourself from specific groups.

Sending Alerts

When you add a device to your account, or edit an already existing device, there is a “Send Alerts” option underneath the “Capabilities” section. If you enable this option, you will be able to generate alarms directly from the device by expanding the Command Bar menu at the bottom of your phone and tapping on “Create Alert”. You can then enter the information for the alert into a specific set of fields. The latitude and longitude for the location will be automatically filled out with your current position as soon as your device's GPS has determined your coordinates.

Active911 Troubleshooting

Note: Only one phone works per device code – if you share your device code, your original phone will stop working!
  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app from the Windows Store. You can check which version is currently installed on your device by expanding the Command Bar and selecting About. The version will be listed at the top of the screen and will look like a series of four numbers separated by periods (ex

  2. In your Active911 account on, on the Devices tab, click on the test button () next to your device.

If you get the test message, you are done. If you still don't get Active911 messages, even though you get the test pages, you probably set your shift or filters incorrectly - remove all shifts and filter information from your device in the Devices tab of your account and try again.

If you are not receiving pages at all

  1. In the settings for your phone:

    • Make sure airplane mode is disabled.

    • Make sure Data connection is enabled under “cellular+SIM”.

    • Make sure WiFi is enabled and you are connected to a WiFi network if you are not using a data connection.

  2. Disconnect and reconnect your phone from Active911:

    • Go to settings within the Active911 app

    • Delete your device code and tap OK

    • Re-enter your device code and tap OK

  3. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, delete and re-install Active911.

  4. Try the test message again. If it still doesn't work, your phone may be broken.


How often does the Windows Phone app update my position?The app requests position updates be sent every 5 seconds, at a rate of every 1 second at most, whenever the app moves at least 10 meters.

Note: The position is only reported when the GPS reports an accuracy range within 10 meters.

When I add my device to a department in the web console, it does not update in the app?The app will not notice this immediately. Close the app, hold your phones back button until you enter the recent apps screen, and slide the Active911 app off towards the bottom of the screen. Then reopen the app.

Why don't I see all of the departments I am a part of in the main screen?The app does not display a department unless you have received at least one notification for that department.

Why are certain labels and icons inside the app a specific color?The app uses your phones accent color for certain headings and icons. Your accent color is set under the “start+theme” option in settings.

How can I remove alerts manually?On the screen that lists all of the alerts per department, hold on the alert you want to delete until you are presented with a message to confirm deletion.