What is Chat?

The iOS, Android, and Windows versions of the Active911 app have an in-app chat feature. By default there is an option to chat with all devices in the agency. The page groups created for alerting purposes also appear within the chat feature of the app, allow members to chat with specific groups of people if necessary. For more information about page groups, click pagegroups.

How to enable or disable chat for an entire agency

Within the Agency tab at, there is a setting titled Enable Chat?. There are two options for that setting. Yes and No.

  1. Yes is the default option, and allows the devices in that agency to use the chat feature.

  2. Selecting the No option completely disables the chat feature for that agency.

Clearing chat messages

By default, each individual device can delete chat messages it has sent, but can't delete chat messages sent by other devices. Sometimes there are situations where the chat history needs to be completely cleared for the devices in an agency (EX: someone sends something inappropriate). Within the Agency tab of, there is a Clear all Chat Messages? setting, with a Delete option. Selecting Delete will completely clear all chat message history for that agency, for all devices in that agency.

Note: Active911 keeps a record of each agency's chat history. If you accidentally clear your chat history, and need to retrieve it, please contact support directly for help.