Easy access for users


It is helpful to allow your users to log into the Active911 account to change their phone settings. Also, if you have a paid account and you want your users to pay for their own devices, they will need a way to log in to do this. Active911 makes all this easy without sharing full control, courtesy of two key features: simple access for login users and auto account creation.

Simple access

What login only users will see


All users with "Login" permissions are able to log into the agency account. However, without additional permissions they are unable to make changes to the account or to view sensitive data. They can only update their own devices by putting themselves on or off duty, paying for their phones or tablets, or changing their pagegroup affiliations. Each user will see a list of his or her devices; clicking brings up an options window.

We compare the email address you gave us when you set up a device with the email address for a given user account. If they match, we allow that user to edit that device.

Auto account creation

For larger agencies, creating login users for all device holders would take a lot of time. Fortunately, we automate the process for you. Just have your users go to the login page and enter their phone number. That's it! Active911 will take care of the rest, creating an account for that user and allowing him or her to log in and view or edit affiliated phones.