ActiveTeam Guide

ActiveTeam gets your personnel in the right place at the right time.


The two main schedule types are Repeating and Non-Repeating.

Do you have consistency in the times your personnel are schedules?

If so, a Repeating Shift will probably work best for you. You can set up any configuration of time frames that repeat, then fill in your personnel from there with no need to constantly create shifts. See the Repeating Schedules section for more information.

If the times your personnel are irregular (varying time frames, varying shift length, etc), then a Non-Repeating Schedule may be better. You can create a non-repeating schedule, which is essentially a container for non-repeating shifts. Non-repeating shifts are shifts that occur only once, so you will need to make every shift individually. Non-repeating schedules are also great for shifts such as Events or Trainings.

Notifications about coverage requests are sent via email to the recipient’s email address and a push notification (if enabled). The recipient can also log in to the web portal or the mobile apps and navigate to the Requests page to see all their requests.

You can begin by starting a free ActiveTeam trial here:

When you are convinced ActiveTeam is the right staff management tool for your agency, you can purchase licenses through the Billing tab in the online console. The pricing scales as follows:


Per license per month

Per license per year


Per license per month

Per license per year










To get a quote for your agency, you can inquire on our website and someone from the sales team will get back to you:

In order for your personnel to start using ActiveTeam (ie requesting and claiming shifts, viewing their schedules, etc.) you should first make sure all personnel have a user account and a license.

Next, it’s best to set up a schedule, either Repeating or Non-Repeating. All shifts in a schedule require a station, and positions, so you can either create those ahead of time in the sidebar, or create them while making your schedule.

Once all your personnel have a user account and a license, and there is something on the calendar, you should be ready to start really using ActiveTeam.